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The Ideal Motorcycle For India

Every country has a different landscape. The United States is the third largest country in the world by area. You can find all types of terrain in America, but the major landscape is open plains with arrow-straight freeways cutting across them. No wonder then, that most manufacturers from The States make motorcycles that boast impressive straight line acceleration and the ability to sustain triple-digit speeds. Enter Harley-Davidson, Indian, and the likes.

Europe is a big quilt of different countries stitched together. Instead of open plains, this continent is laced with mountains, rivers, plateaus, and forests with all of them spaced close to each other. The geography of Europe necessitated roads that followed the contours of the terrain. This led to European manufacturers coming up with track monsters like the Ducati Panigale and the BMW S1000RR.

Harley-Davidson CVO

Similarly, India’s supremely diverse geography dictates a very specific kind of motorcycle. For starters, India contains all types of terrains and landscapes imaginable on the planet. You have beaches, mountains, forests, deserts, a big peninsula complemented by scores of islands, glaciers, and even a volcano on Barren Island, Andamans.

Motorcycle For India

Add to that the country’s chaotic atmosphere brought on by the high population density, and you are never too far from humans anywhere you go. Due to so many people using Indian roads regularly, the road network across the country is not in the best of conditions, and cannot be maintained so due to the sheer scope of such an undertaking.

Due to so many towns spaced so close to each other across the mainland, you are never too far from onlookers, bystanders, and fellow road users. This means that while you can sustain high triple digit speeds on some Indian roads, it is not advisable for fear of running headlong into a crash.

To worsen matters, cattle and stray animals are wont to occupy parts of highways and sit in leisure, posing another level of risk to us motorcyclists. Add another layer of the locals being possessive of cattle (their means of livelihood in most cases), and you have to keep a serious check on your pace and stay constantly aware of the road ahead.

aprilia rsv4

Finally, roads in more remote regions of the country such as the North East and the North are prone to be swept away by natural calamities. The Border Roads Organisation does its best to keep such roads pliable, but there is no beating mother nature. This is why most mountainous roads are just dugout tracks instead of asphalt.

Coming to our question, what motorcycle would be best suited for a country such as India? Taking bad roads into account, you need long-travel suspension, with preferably high ground clearance. For high visibility, a motorcycle with straight seating position is the best.

Since Indian road conditions call for cruising speeds not more than 140kph to be on the safe side, a machine with a 400cc to 800cc engine is the one to go for. The service network of a brand also plays a crucial role in zeroing down on the perfect bike for India.

Royal Enfiled himalayan sleet

It’s pretty obvious that currently, just one motorcycle fits the bill: Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4. It is already facing challenges from new bikes like the BMW G310 GS, Kawasaki Versys X-300, and the hotly-anticipated KTM 390 Adventure.

But hey, if you have a thirst for adventure, nothing should stop you from heading out on whatever steed you have. After all, we were talking about the perfect motorcycle for tour of India, not for you!

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nash tupil

On my bucket list, was an himalayan motorbike tour. My wish was fulfilled through Red Panda - and I had an adventure of a life time. Very experienced lead and sweep drivers, with back up 4 wheeled vehicle for any emergency. Curated stays in relatively unknown, spartan but hygienic and comfortable places. Loved staying inside a plastic tent and also Bamboo house. Very well done by our Captain Balaji!! Thank you.

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Review - nash tupil Review Rating
Loknath Rath

A leap of faith was what it was.. I had not ridden a bike for last 25 years and this hum drum of a covid lockdown was wearing me down. So when Bala sent an WA invitation to ride with him for 8 days of #khukriride, it ignited a spark (pun intended).Those 8 days in Jan 2021 spent riding with Bala & Jojo across NE himalayas were full of thrill, splendor, captivating & enervating. Meticulous planning right from bike selection to route planning, excellent homestays interspersed with local knowledge and intel made this ride a memorable one. I would strongly recommend this ride to anyone who has some interest in riding and adventure. Am sure if I can do it at my age..anyone can. My best wishes to Bala & his team at #redpandaadventures. You are helping many arm chair enthusiasts like me realise a new meaning of life.

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Review - Loknath Rath Review Rating
arvind kittur

Red Panda Adventures, Thank you very much for giving me an experience of a life time. The entire expedition as I would like to call it was well managed with a lot of passion, enthusiasm and most importantly servicing the smallest need of every participant. Bala ji is a very knowledgeable, kind hearted and a humble person and an excellent host and a great sport, am sure he misses the “Tawang special” we gave him. Big thank you to Hrushikesh for having my back and making sure I completed every obstacle on my way, and not to forget Lama ji a wonderful person with such positive energy. A big shout out to all the people who took care of us in a very special way at all the Home stays. Highly highly recommend Red Panda Adventures

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Review - arvind kittur Review Rating
Erika Sullivan

Welcoming, knowledgeable, amazing adventure and helpful - can’t wait for the next panda adventure !

Review - Erika Sullivan Review Rating
karan singh Sood

What a great experience it's been renting a motorcycle from Red Panda. Inspite of the fact that I'd only signed up for renting a motorcycle, these guys went all out helping me plan the entire ride. Not just that, they were only a call away throughout the 20 days of my trip, helping me sort the minor troubles I faced with the motorcycle while on the road. For anyone who's planning to travel the northeast region of India, I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend renting a motorcycle/signing up for an organised motorcycle tour with these guys. Thank you so much Bala & team for helping me plan a ride I'm gonna cherish for the rest of my life. Cheers

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