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5 Things You Should Never Forget On A Motorcycle Trip

That first long motorcycle trip you plan soon after getting your riding license might be one of the most beloved things. However, the odds of a hiccup-free ride can sometimes be slim. That’s where your pre-ride prep comes into play. Packing enough warmers, good clothes, food and water might not be enough when it comes to a long ride.

Here are five things that one should never forget before hopping on to their motorcycles for their next trip:

Flat tires are the worst:

A cell phone, a credit card and a roadside assistance plan might not come in handy most of the time. Some of the interiors of a place might be difficult to navigate even for the roadside assistance and for that matter could also lack proper cellular network. Thus it might seem wise to have your own primary backup plan.

Having a repair kit can add a few more miles to your tires and deal with the situation at hand before conveniently solving it later. This becomes crucial in dangerous areas that one might come across during their trip where getting out of the spot would be the best idea.

Fixing a flat tire is not a complicated job, provided you have the essential pieces of equipment to do so. That’s where a consolidated repair kit comes in hand. In case of tubeless tires, make sure you carry a plug kit with components such as rubber cement are in good shape.

In case of tires with inner tubes, it would be wise to carry a spare along with means to raise the bike and remove the tire. However, a patch kit might sometimes come in handy too in cases where the tear in the tube is small. Once the tube has been replaced or the patch kit has been put in place, you need to have means of inflating the tire which can either be done with compressed CO2 cartridges or a foot-powered pump.

It is important to be noted that solutions other than replacing the inner tube is temporary and the next stop you make should be at a mechanic to get it fixed for good.

Basic first aid supplies

Medical complications during a trip are one of motorcyclists’ greatest nemesis. Investing space in your backpack for essential medications is important. Some of the basics that can be included in the kit are small bandages, antibiotics and an over-the-counter pain medication. With proper riding gear, one can minimise their skin exposure. However, sensitive areas such as your nose can be vulnerable to sunburns even through tinted visors. Hence, a tube long sunscreen would not hurt. A dry, hot and dusty environment can sometimes cause irritation to your eyes, this can be solved by certain eye drops that can quickly rehydrate your eyeballs.

It goes without saying to carry any prescription medication one might be under.

Spare Key

Losing your key can be one of the most irritable things. While calling roadside assistance might fix your problem, it might take up half of your day. Needless to say that getting roadside assistance in India is not a piece of cake.

Taping your spare key to the inners of your bike’s body or zip tying it to a secret place in your vehicle can help you ride with a peaceful mind. This can let you avoid the unnecessary hassle and get on the road with minimal wastage of time.

Other spares

Having only a spare key might not suffice. However, this comes as a precautionary measure in case something stops functioning or is damaged unexpectedly. Spare gloves, earbuds, helmet visors are some of the things that might cause trouble if absent. Hence a spare will always come in handy.

Traveller’s attitude

A ride might not be executed as it was planned a month ago. A rider should always carry an open mind with an ability to accept whatever detour, the road throws on you. Planning a ten-day trip with marked out hotels and targeted kilometre numbers to be covered in a day can often lead to disappointment if not completed. Hence, being open to a little slack or change of plans can help you keep the stress to a minimum. However, this depends on the mindset of the rider and a blog sub-part might not be as effective as one’s own efforts of changing it

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Red Panda Adventures, Thank you very much for giving me an experience of a life time. The entire expedition as I would like to call it was well managed with a lot of passion, enthusiasm and most importantly servicing the smallest need of every participant. Bala ji is a very knowledgeable, kind hearted and a humble person and an excellent host and a great sport, am sure he misses the “Tawang special” we gave him. Big thank you to Hrushikesh for having my back and making sure I completed every obstacle on my way, and not to forget Lama ji a wonderful person with such positive energy. A big shout out to all the people who took care of us in a very special way at all the Home stays. Highly highly recommend Red Panda Adventures

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Birthe Houdelet

I had a great time travelling the north-east Indian states of Assam and Meghalaya in December 2017 with Red Panda Adventures. The motorbike tour was well organized and the whole trip was a great experience. The landscape is fascinating and offers lots of variety. Visits to national parks, offroad biking, elephant riding, relaxing days, bond fire and BBQ, authentic cuisine, visits to villages and meeting the locals, waterfalls, breathtaking views into the canyons, hiking in the rain forest.. all of this is included in the trip! An adventurous trip to this still mainly undiscovered part of India.

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