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Find The Most Common Questions Asked And Answered Down Here
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What does your pricing cover?

Our charges include motorcycle rental, fuel, premium accommodation, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, water, local delicacies etc.), any inland travel, toll charges, local permits, motorcycle insurance, support/luggage vehicle, two guides, one mechanic, spares, consumables, good company and a great experience.

Is riding a motorcycle in India safe?
Riding a motorcycle in India is an enjoyable and unique experience. Like everywhere else, you need to be alert and lookout for potential dangers on the road. You need to watch out for an occasional cow, dog, goat, elephant, camel, human and stationary trucks. At times, in remote locations, there might be a rickshaw (tuk tuk) or a truck coming at you from the wrong direction with headlights on, keep a lookout for these too.
Do I need to bring my own riding gear or do you provide it?
We strongly urge you to bring your own motorcycle safety gear that you are comfortable in. We can help source good quality gear locally at an additional cost but we stick by our recommendation of getting your own gear.
What kind of gear do I need for a ride in India?
A good helmet, hydration backpack, riding jacket, riding pants, riding gloves and riding boots are mandatory. Depending on the weather and time of the year, you will need to carry warm innerwear and a raincoat.
Do you provide route maps for each ride just in-case I get lost and separated from the group?
Yes, we provide a detailed day-by-day printed route map for each of our tours with instructions on all the re-grouping and snack/meal locations. We encourage our guests to stop and enjoy the scenery and take as many photos as they like without having to worry about getting lost. We also have qualified and trained lead and sweep riders who ensure that the pack stays intact as far as possible.
Which motorcycles do you provide?
We have a selection of Royal Enfield Bullet or Royal Enfield Himalayan as our preferred touring motorcycles. Guests looking for that classic and quintessential Indian touring experience prefer the Bullet while those looking for a modern iteration of the good old Bullet prefer the Himalayan. Both are great motorcycles for what we do.
How much do you ride each day on a trip like this? Will we get to stop for sightseeing or just keep riding from A to B?

We aim to provide an ‘Incredible India’ experience on two wheels. Our teams have ridden on each of these routes multiple times and know most local hotspots worth a visit. We mix it up to cater to adventure motorcyclists and those fond of exploring local cultures.

We ride for about 6-8 hours each day, that is about 150-180kms a day including all the stops. We like to take it easy on the road and understand that the journey is equally important as the destination.

Are the motorcycles insured? What happens if I have an accident?

Insurance: Please Buy Comprehensive Travel Insurance from your home country or country of residence.

All motorcycles have comprehensive insurance. This covers accidental damage to the motorcycle and “Third Party” if there is one.

Accidental damage repairs to motorcycles, costing less than Rs.10,000 (+/- $160) will be charged to the rider.

If the cost of repair is more than Rs.10,000 (+/- $160), then it will be claimed from the insurance company.

The insurance policy does not cover any expenses for the rider.

Accident: As in all countries around the world, a road accident resulting in serious injury/permanent disability/death, has to be immediately reported to the nearest Police Station. Law as defined by the Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1988, will guide the proceedings from there on. We recommend that you send a formal intimation to your respective Embassy/Consulate in India, informing them of your visit, so that they can immediately arrange Consular Services, if required.

By being alert and with some blessings from the divine, you will have a splendid holiday experience.

Do you have a back-up motorcycle in case of an accident?
We usually don’t. But depending on the tour and the location, we can arrange an alternative. We will try our best to ensure you continue your journey on two wheels if your motorcycle is damaged and you aren’t.
Are the motorcycles well maintained? What happens in case of a breakdown?
Yes, we ensure that the motorcycles are in tip-top shape before starting each ride. We inspect everything to ensure you get to experience a great two wheeled adventure in India. We also carry a whole lot of spares like brake pads, clutch assemblies, all types of cables, all types of fluids and a fully equipped toolkit, etc.
Is there any kind of storage on the motorcycles? Can I carry a bag with me while I ride?
No, the motorcycles don’t have any storage on them but most riders carry a magnetic tank bag or a waterproof rucksack which can be fastened over the rear seat. We provide bungee cords so you don’t have to get your own.
What about first aid?
The whole crew is trained in basic first aid we carry a well-equipped kit with us on both our lead and sweep motorcycles in case of any emergency.
What about connectivity, will there be internet and phone connectivity throughout the ride?
Yes, most of our rides are within phone coverage areas. There might be some locations/routes that will be off the grid.
Can I buy a local phone SIM in India?
Yes, but the process is cumbersome. We provide a SIM card to each rider with a nation-wide calling and 4G data service (wherever available). You can either carry a spare phone or use this SIM card with your existing phone if it supports dual SIM card. These cards do not support international calling but can receive incoming calls.
What kind of accommodation can I expect?
We aim at delivering a good sleep and a comfortable experience after each day’s ride. We book premium properties at every location and go for the best. Some of our rides take place in remote areas of India and we expect our clients of being mindful of the fact that these places won’t have world-class levels of accommodation.
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