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Perks Of Riding In A Group

All for One; One for All. Although this famous line describes the relationship between The Three Musketeers, it applies just as well to group motorcycling. There are the usual perks of riding in a group that everyone well knows. Let us discuss the finer nuances of group riding, that only become apparent once you are on board with a string of biking buddies in tow.

First of all, there is a lead rider and a tail rider in a riding group. The lead rider decides the course of the ride, and is in charge of the instantaneous decisions that need to be taken to ensure a smooth ride. For instance, if there is quite a long traffic jam on your route, all you have to do is follow the lead rider’s taillamp until your group is clear of the mess.

Benefits to Riding in a Group

In another instance, on a technically difficult stretch of a route which requires some careful planning as to what path one should choose to navigate the trail without causing major mishaps, the lead rider is usually the one who lays out a path using his/her motorcycle, affirming the safety of the trail which the ones trailing behind can follow.

The tail rider has an equally important role to play in a group ride. He/she knows the roadmap well and is crucial if a group happens to split up due to an unavoidable situation. It is up to him/her to reunite the group after the situation has been looked after. The tail can also keep a lookout for the ones in front and beat the group into shape pretty quickly. Additionally, if an individual needs to fall back to adjust the luggage on his motorcycle, take a phone call, or maybe just take a pee break, the tail stays with him and has his back until they catch up with the group again.

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This is one of the biggest loopholes in group motorcycling: having a group of distinct individuals function as one. The tail rider helps with the cause by setting a pace for the group and gradually altering the pace until such a progression is achieved where everyone is comfortable.

Finally, the body of the group itself. If you are not the lead or the tail, you are still responsible for the motorcyclist riding directly ahead of you as well as the one in your rearview mirrors. Keeping an eye on them is not a mandatory charge, but you are defeating a group ride’s purpose if you are not doing that. Just by maintaining a safe distance between both the entities, you are contributing to the group’s measured, steadily faster progress.

Now imagine you were taking a solo trip. You came across landscapes scarcely believable, whether the impossibly blue waters of Pangong Tso, the giant snowclad peaks in Sikkim, or even the verdant, heavily forested ranges of North-Eastern India. You can’t wait to come back home and share the experiences you gained in your trip. Wouldn’t you agree that sharing the trip with someone is a rewarding, if not better, experience?

After all, at the end of a satisfying, long group ride, you can share those experiences right there and then with your biking buddies. What better way to recount the day’s adventures than with the ones who lived them with you?

All Images Credit: DONRC

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