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Packing The Perfect Medical Kit For Your Motorcycle Trip

Challenges and adversities are the prefaces of the Motorcycling trip textbook. Many times, these are unavoidable. Unpredictable weather and unfriendly traffic only start the long list of ‘ways things can go wrong’ on a motorcycle trip. Hence preparing yourself for such a situation might the only way to go about it.

Packing a medical-kit for your trip is similar to having sweets on Diwali, you either eat none or eat too much. Carrying the right medical supplies might be one of the worst dilemmas faced by a first timer and quite often, finding the perfect balance between too less and too much can be frustrating.

Hence, here are some of the things that your medical kit should not lack before the onset of your grand journey.

The one thing that minor and major falls have in common are abrasions or bruises. However, dusting off an open wound with your hand and neglecting it as it is might pose a greater threat. The threat of an infection. Dirt homes numerous bacteria, and a bruised skin is its easiest entry. Bacteria such as Clostridia present in the dirt can cause severe (sometimes lethal) infections such as tetanus or gas gangrene.

Hence, one should always carry a disinfectant soap in the medic kit. In situations without water one can always opt for a handy pack of pre-moistened antibacterial wipes. Apart from that, an excellent alternative for antibacterial soaps might be any alcohol based disinfectant which can be applied directly. The pH value of alcohol makes it difficult for the bacteria to survive.

Complementary to the first, the second most crucial thing to carry would be a dressing kit including nothing more than a non-stick bandage and medical tapes to keep the dressing in place. Cleaning a minor abrasion with a disinfectant would most likely suffice. However, in the event of minor bleeding, the best solution is to clog it.

Things might get a little more challenging in case of a severe crash and one of the things that become the most difficult is to work with a stable mind. In the event of a major accident, primary instincts should always make you call for emergency medical services (EMS). Technology can be one of the most useful tools during times like this.

Downloading your route offline and marking the hospitals is as important as physically packing a medic kit. However, in the event when the ambulance might not reach the spot. There are certain things that must be done.

The key to extinguishing the situation starts with a solution for bleeding. Most of the times, the best way to go about it is to stop the blood from reaching the wound, which brings us to the third most essential element in the kit, a tourniquet. A tourniquet is essentially a tight band that will stop the flow of blood from your heart to the wound.

This reduces the blood pressure around the ruptured arteries and reduces the chances of excess bleeding. A common preconceived notion about tourniquets might say that it is harmful. However, it should be noted that a tourniquet should not be tied for more than a few hours. And should be taken off only by professionals.

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Damian Martin

I can only highly recommend Red Panda Adventure. They took such good care of me and my family whilst we were touring from Chandigarh to Leh. Always accommodating, always caring - with wonderful places to explore and hotels to rest.

Abisht Iyengar

The best you can get on two wheels...

Jobo Kuruvilla

Friendly and experienced riders. If your’re looking for a premium motorcycle tour/experience and an adventure on two-wheels — hit up Red Panda Adventures. Their rides will help you “escape the ordinary”, and it is worth every penny!

Hetal Trivedi

I totally got more than I had expected on their Enchanting Tawang ride in Feb 2019. With the help of their knowledge of the area, they had selected some of the most exciting routes which resulted in an intoxicating mix of Fun, Pleasure, Thrills on each day of the ride! All that you want out of something that is labelled as an Adventure Ride. The choice of the RE Himalayan as the motorcycles could not have been better either, it just did everything that you expect! Do I recommend Red Panda rides to other riders? - Whole heartedly. Will I take another ride with Red Panda Adventures myself? - Sure. I certainly hope that Red Panda cooks up some more equally exciting rides in that fabulous part of the world, called the Seven Sister states of India (NorthEast India).

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Pradeep Warrier

We did a thrilling ride through Arunachal Pradesh with Red Panda Adventures in Feb'19 on their Enchanting Tawang package. The Enfield Himalayan bikes arranged for the tour were just perfect for the terrain. The ride was well organized by genuine enthusiasts that form the team at Red Panda. The experience itself was truly magical, eschewing the usual touristy stuff for offbeat trails of which great memories are made. Would I do another tour with Red Panda? Well, all the riders on this trip are planning another tour with Red Panda at the first opportunity, and that should answer the question . Highly recommended with a double thumbs up from me!

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