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The Yoksa Challenge

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Motorcyle Tour Details

Bike Tour Details

YOKSA” is a legendary sword that was made only by few families in ancient Tibet. Those families are forever lost in the ocean of unwritten history. Few of those swords found their way in to the tribes of Eastern Arunachal. Now, these priceless, antique Tibetan tools of war are the pride of those families who still possess them.

The North East region of India has always been one of the most elusive in terms of motorcycle adventure rides. Comprising of ‘The Seven Sister States’ of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura, there is so much on offer here for adventure motorcyclists like us.

Covering an area of 255,511 square kilometres, this region has a halo effect on local as well as international motorcycle riders. Its remoteness, pristine wilderness and lack of mainstream motorcycling mentions is what draws riders to it.

The “YOKSA Challenge”, is a tribute to the rough and tumble life of the tribes that have thrived in these mountains for a millennium. If you are an experienced adventurer, then these ten days of riding thru some of the most remote mountain jungles of the world, will guarantee you bucket loads of adrenaline and dopamine.

Red Panda Adventures is one of the few established and well-known motorcycle tour operators in this region, catering to local as well as international riders. We have a local team who know this region well, allowing us to serve you and organize our rides with utmost care and planning.

Pricing is based on twin sharing basis (2 riders, 1 room). For single occupancy (1 rider, 1 room), please email us on trips@redpandaadventures.com

Bike Tour Departure & Return Location

Departure & Return Location

Motorcyle Tour Pricing

Price Includes

  • Airport Pickup & Drop
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Motorcycle Rental Fee
  • Tour Guide & Sweep
  • Fuel
  • All local transportation
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Airport Pickup & Drop
  • Local Permits (Extra fee for Foreign nationals)
  • Motorcycle Insurance* (Please refer FAQs section)
Motorcyle Tour Pricing

Price Excludes

  • International and Domestic Airfare
  • Visa Charges
  • Tips
  • Room Service Fees
  • Alcohol
  • Additional Meals
  • Personal Insurance
  • Damage compensation for property and life
The YOKSA Challenge-North East India
Price Tag From Rs. 78,500

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Motorcyle Tour Itinerary

Tour Itinerary


Arrive at Dibrugarh
Meet and greet all riders at the airport and shuttle to the hotel. Introduction to the motorcycle and ride briefing followed by a traditional Assamese dinner.
Dibrugarh to Aalo
Dibrugarh to Aalo is a 255 kms / 8 hrs ride. We start the ride early so that we can catch the sun raise over the mighty Brahmaputra from on top of the Bogibeel Bridge. After riding for about 2 hours, we will stop for breakfast at a small Mishing tribe dhaba. Soon after the heavy breakfast, we will start climbing up the mountains towards Aalo. The road will largely be good for a brisk ride till we get to Komsing. The 30km from Komsing to Aalo, will put your endurance and patience to test. Consider this as a rite of passage for the paradise that awaits beyond Aalo. Our stay at Aalo will be at a basic but clean resort on the banks of the Siyom River.
Aalo to Menchuka
Aalo to Menchuka is a 190km/10 hrs ride. The initial 70km of the road leading out of Aalo is fantastic. After that it’s a proper Adv ride thru narrow mountain roads along the Siyom river gorge all the way up to Menchuka. Breakfast and lunch will be at dhabas on the way. We expect to reach Menchuka by early afternoon. Menchuka (meaning medicinal water of snow) is a spectacularly beautiful valley at about 6000ft above MSL and is surrounded by tall snow covered mountains. This lovely little hamlet of simple was occupied by the PLA for about a whole month during the indo-Sino war in 1962. Post that the BRO and locals from Menchuka, cut a road thru hard rock cliffs to connect the valley to the rest of the country. Our stay at Menchuka will be at a traditional, warm home stay.
Menchuka day trip
We will spend the day visiting some two historical Buddhist gompas, natural wonders and rope bridges across the river. It’s a day to soak in the local culture, food and listen to the local enchanting folk lore.
Menchuka to Monigong
Menchuka to Monigong is a 115km/6 hrs ride. Fresh and strong after the break day, we will be taking on the challenge of getting to Monigong. It is a small obscure village where visitors rarely go. From Tato to Monigong the road passes below waterfalls and is sits precariously on the edge of a cliff. The first road head reached Monigong 2008. This road was made motorable only in 2013 i.e. just 7 years back. Monigong does not have any commercial hotels, restaurants or even home stays. So our stay will be in the home of a dear friend. Staying overnight in remote Indo-Tibet border village at a Boker (tribe) home is an experience that cannot be explained. The next morning, we will ride up to the end of this road at a small settlement called Tadodigi, before riding back to Aalo.
Monigong to Aalo
Monigong to Aalo is a 210km/8 hrs ride. Narrow twisted mountain roads, will test your ability to focus on the road as well as enjoy the spectacular scenery. It will also be slow and tiring. After spending two days in wilderness and remote little villages, funnily, Aalo will explode like a big city. Our stay will be at the same river side resort.
Aalo to Roing
Aalo to Roing is a 205km/6 hrs ride. After the first 30km, the road is smooth, scenic and good for a brisk ride. Roing is a charming little town on the banks of the Dibang river. Mishmi are the dominant tribe in this valley. They are a largely prosperous agricultural community. Roing is also the gateway to all the mysterious settlements upstream along the Dibang river all the way to the border with Tibet. Our stay will be at a rustic eco resort built entirely in the traditional Mishmi style.
Roing to Anini
Roing to Anini is a 225km/12 hrs ride. This ride will be by far the most challenging. Land slides, water crossings, road works, deep slush and possible snow are some of the challenges on this road. Average speed will be about 25kpmh. This journey will squeeze out every drop of endurance, skill, gutts and patience before the remote paradise called Anini reveals itself. At the end of the day, you will be exhausted and aching but wave after wave of adrenelin and dopamine will not let you fall asleep. We will stay at a very basic lodge, the only one in Anini.
Anini to Alinye
Anini to Alinye is a 45km/2 hrs ride. This is a relaxed ride to a hidden natural marvel called Dhambim on the Dri river. River water is so clear that you can count the pebbles in the river bed. We will then loop back to Alinye to stay overnight in the only resort there. Alinye has an Advance Landing Ground for the Armed Forces of India.
Alinye to Roing
Alinye to Roing is a 235km/12 hrs ride. This is one last tough ride thru the eastern wilderness of Arunachal, before getting back to the plains and civilization. An arduous ride, which is more than compensated for, by the lush green jungles and spectacular views. At Roing we will stay at the same Resort that we stayed earlier.
Roing to Dibrugarh
Roing to Dibrugarh is a 155km/6 hrs ride. After all that you would have accomplished, riding on good roads in the plains might induce sleep. You might want to turn around and head back in to the mountains. But we must push on lazily to Dibrugarh.
Depart from Dibrugarh
We will bid our good byes and drop you off at the airport. As you fly away, you will drift in the memories of the sensory extravaganza of the last 10 days.

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